Do you wanna feel good from the inside and out?!

I’ve been working with health for almost 10 years. I’ve been overwhelmed by thousands of ways to stay ”healthy”. I’ve seen so many people coming to the clinic, saying that they don’t have any problems and are healthy. When we take a look at there…

22 november, 2018


”Things you think are real and solid are just dense representations of energy and information” ”The Charges that build up in the electrons in the atoms repel your hand from the object with such strength that you can’t ever acctually touch anything” ”FOOD is Quantum…

22 november, 2018


EN DROPPE BLOD UNDER MIKROSKOPET ÅTERSPEGLAR DITT HÄLSOTILLSTÅND Ing-Marie Hagström gästar Hagagatan 6, torsdag till lördag 24 – 26 maj för att göra blodanalyser. Ing-Marie har arbetat mer än tjugofem år som terapeut. Blodanalysen ger förståelse för vad du kan göra för din egen…

22 maj, 2018

LIFE is beautiful.

Particles and energy can’t die. It changes and transforms into something new. Think about when you build up a lot of things inside your body. You need to remember to transform that energy out of your body. Because otherwise you will build up blockages…

18 mars, 2018

We are all the same.

I Remember someone said to me – Nothing is important. I also remember someone said to me – Life is like a movie and you are the director of your life. A lot of new people entered my life this last year. Lots and…

12 mars, 2018

Valentine’s present

I hope you had a romantic Valentines Day. Mine was not so romantic but when I was walking from work I was thinking and praying that I would be able to go on a trip, very soon. When I came home I opened my…

15 februari, 2018

I CHALLENGE YOU!! #Iamthechange

I have something very important to you. I was listening to Dr. Terry Wahls. She has recovered from Multiple Sclerosis by eating a PALEO diet. She focuses on the greens, kale, berries, colors, vegetables, grass-fed meat, organ meat, seaweeds and sulfur-containing foods. Her message for us…

12 februari, 2018

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I just want to share a study about CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). The study found that there is a dysfunction in the mitochondria of the vast majority of people with CFS. This defect in the mitochondria impairs their ability to do cellular respiration. This…

7 februari, 2018


Just a short review about Copenhagen and Denmark. First of all, I’m so thankful for having the best company ever. Tobbe, IngMarie, Per, Ulrika, Katarina, and Bror. Also having the opportunity to have a meeting with the owner and the management team. Been watching…

29 januari, 2018


Efter några år i Stockholm har jag hunnit hitta mina favoriter vad gäller restauranger och cafeer. Det dyker upp nya ställen hela tiden men här har ni några tips på mat med bra kvalite. Det finns lite allt möjligt att välja på men du…

24 januari, 2018